$15 | Fiction | Paperback
ISBN-13 978-1-934819-26-5


Critique of Pure Reason
Gabriel Blackwell

"Unique and compelling as the very souls they depict--from the unknown to the famous to the infamous--these stories are wildly inventive, sly, astute. There's a bit of Sir Thomas Browne (Borges, too) for the twenty-first century in these wizardly, magical narratives. The notion of 'pure reason' has rarely had a more subtle, comical, yet deeply humane alchemist at work in the great lab of fiction than Gabriel Blackwell." - Bradford Morrow

"In Critique of Pure Reason, Gabriel Blackwell bends found forms to story, repurposes history, sets mathematics and a programmer's logic to generating emotion and wonder. This is the work of a talented storyteller slyly taking the stance of a documentary filmmaker, or else of a first-rate bureaucrat, perhaps rising quickly through our Ministry of Imagination -- and with each new diagram and footnote and well-made sentence the philosopher in Blackwell provides us another piece of that most illusive of proofs, a verification of our shared humanity, captured here in all its absurdity and horror and glory." - Matt Bell

Gabriel Blackwell is the author of the novel Shadow Man: A Biography of Lewis Miles Archer. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Jessica.