Poetry Series

Beast Meridian Vanessa Angélica Villarreal (2017)

The Gospel of Regicide Eunsong Kim (2017)

Mouths by Claire Marie Stancek (2017)

Selected Works: Expanded Edition by José Antonio Ramos Sucre, translated by Guillermo Parra (2016)

The Art of Work Jennifer Fitzgerald (2016)

Sister Steven Karl (2016)

Little House, Big House Liz Waldner (2016)

Ford Over John Pluecker (2016)

Deep City Megan Kaminski (2015)

Objects of Attention Aichlee Bushnell (2015)

The Locust Diagrams Nathan Parker (2015)

Between Grammars Danielle Vogel (2015)

The Refusal of Suitors Ryo Yamaguchi (2015)

The Ghost in Us Was Multiplying Brent Armendinger (2015)

And the Girls Worried Terribly Dot Devota (2014)

Ending in Planes Ruth Ellen Kocher (2014)

Change Machine Bruce Covey (2014)

Incidents of Scattering Karen Lepri (2013)

Striven, The Bright Treatise Jeffrey Pethybridge (2013)

Blood Shane McCrae (2013)

Samsara Erica Anzalone (2012)

The Bounty: Four Addresses Kate Schapira (2011)

Book of the Given Rusty Morrison (2011)

Black Peculiar Khadijah Queen (2011)

Campeche Joshua Edwards (w/ Van Edwards) (2011)

Iatrogenic: Their Testimonies Danielle Pafunda (2010)

In This Alone Impulse Shya Scanlon (2010)

Guardians of the Secret Lila Zemborain (trans. Rosa Alcalá) (2009)

Sing, Mongrel Claire Hero (2009)

Fiction Series

The Ladies Sarah Veglahn (2017)

A Manual for Nothing Jessica Anne (2017)

Uncountry: A Mythology Yanara Friedland (2016)

Beasts You’ll Never See Nate Liederbach (2015)

Her 37th Year: an Index Suzanne Scanlon (2015)

The University of Pennsylvania Caren Beilin (2014)

Starlight in Two Million: A Neo-Scientific Novella Amy Catanzano (2014)

Cows Frédéric Boyer (trans. Joanna Howard & Nick Bredie) (2014)

Critique of Pure Reason Gabriel Blackwell (2013)

Salton Sea George McCormick (2013)

A Compendium of Domestic Incidents Joanna Ruocco (2011)

Akrilica Series

Beast Meridian Vanessa Angélica Villarreal (2017)

You Da One Jennifer Tamayo (2017)

You Ask Me To Talk About The Interior Carolina Ebeid (2016)

The Reveal Chloe Garcia Roberts (2015)

bicycle Roberto Harrison (2015)

TITULADA elena minor (2014)

Boxing the Compass Sandy Florian (2013)

Infidel Poetics Series

Lost Privilege Company or the book of listening Blunt Research Group (2016)

Mess and Mess and Douglas Kearney (2015)

End of the Sentimental Journey: A Mystery Poem Sarah Vap (2013)

Drama Series

Three Plays Norman Lock (2011)

Creative Nonfiction Series

I Was Not Born Julia Cohen (2014)

Chapbook Series

Lost Privilege Company or the book of listening Blunt Research Group (2016)

The Nightyard Stephanie Anderson (2011)

Notes From the Committee Catherine Kasper (2009)

Archipelago Brent Armendinger (2009)

unshelter Page Hill Starzinger (2009)

Camera Obscura Rebecca Bednarz (2008)

The Evening Papers Matthew Kirby (2008)

Closed Histories Sara Veglahn (2008)

A Man of Ideas and Other Stories David Galef (2008)

Hope & Anchor Joshua Corey (2007)

Moveable Types Jenny Boully (2007)

Shiftless Days Mark Tursi (2007)

In the Colorless Round Joanna Howard w/ Rikki Ducornet (2006)

Disciplines Diana George (2006)

Proximity Talks Kristen Hanlon (2005)

The Night’s Night Beth Murray (2005)

Little Dividing Doors in the Mind Karla Kelsey (2005)

Heterotopia John Chávez (2004)

home? Rebecca Stoddard (2003)

ecology Khan Wong (2003)

Il La Chris Glomski (2002)