Hope & Anchor

Joshua Corey

Those familiar with Corey’s previous books, Selah and Fourier Series, will find the same verbal splendor and tragicomedic cuts in Hope & Anchor. There are old, archetypal quests here—journeys across ancient seas, first flights, prodigal sons, and unsullied Edens. But in a departure from those earlier works, these prose poems also risk entering the deadly polemics of our time: the cost of oil, the deafness of power, the absorption of the avant-garde into the mainstream, fascism and aesthetic faction, and identity as cultural capital. Hope does come, but in the form of a carnal burlesque—a lyric tone like a tramp with a moustache “delivered to an idealism: no seashore.” These poems will put the folk back into folk music. If you don’t know what that means, learn by reading this provocative (and provoking) book.

Richard Greenfield

Joshua Corey is the author of Selah (Barrow Street Press, 2003), Fourier Series (Spineless Books, 2005), and Compos(t)ition Marble (Pavement Saw Press, 2006). Individual poems have appeared in Conjunctions, /Nor, American Poetry Review, Jubilat, Verse, and other journals, and he maintains a weblog, Cahiers de Corey. He is an assistant professor of English at Lake Forest College.

Hope & Anchor Book Cover

$7 Paperback | Published 2007
ISBN-13 978-1934819005


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