Proximity Talks

Kristen Hanlon

The poems in Proximity Talks bring forth a joyous garden of wild but nonetheless undaunted and hardy poems. In the desert we’ve made of meaning, there is still a pleasant oasis with real streams and fecund soil. Kristen Hanlon has discovered this lost world and made it thrive. Her language is a haven from which she’s able to “open the curtains to a sky reveling in cold, bright stars” and to rewind/recoil back into paradise.

D. A. Powell

Kristen Hanlon was born in northern California in 1969. Her poems have been published in many journals, among them Colorado Review, Crowd, Interim, and Volt. In 2000 she received the James D. Phelan Literary Award from the San Francisco Foundation. Currently, she edits Xantippe, an annual print journal for poetry and reviews of small press and university press books.

Paperback | Published 2005 ISBN-13 978-0976704560

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