The Night’s Night

Beth Murray

Beth Murray has long been one of my favorite poets, and here she has come into her own, immersing herself like a shaman into a field she calls “the indelible,” which“has washed its darkness over my life/ blotting out these events/ bathing them in thankful dark black.” Watch her disappear into her words, leaving a spectral outline darker than the night, more true, imbued more deeply with the markings hope leaves behind.

Kevin Killian

Beth Murray lives in Oakland, California. She just finished her training in homeopathy and is beginning her practice as a homeopath for people and animals. Her books include Hope Eternity Seen on the Hip of a Rabbit (a+bend press) and My Register (Angry Dog Midget Editions.) Her work has also appeared in the anthology Evidence of the Paranormal (Owl Press), and is forthcoming in the anthology Bay Poetics (Faux Press).

Paperback | Published 2005
ISBN-13 978-0-97670455-3

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