Titulada by elena minorCommemorating the release of TITULADAthe new title in our Akrilica Series, which is a joint project of Noemi Press and Letras Latinas—the Letras Latinas blog posted this illuminating interview with elena minor conducted by poet ire’ne lara silva.

I don’t think of my work as ‘experimental’. The word implies a theoretical framework that is not my starting point. That said, though, I do consider my work “exploratory” because that’s what I do with language – explore its possibilities – mostly in a never-ending attempt to explain the why of the world to myself. I start wherever and however the feeling, notion, idea starts and let that carry the weight of words, form and sound. I love sound in poetry, especially rhythm and cadence. Sometimes I let them carry the poem to the point where they are as much the sense as the form of the poem.

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