$15 | Poetry | Perfect Bound
ISBN-13 978-1-934-819-07-4


Danielle Pafunda

Danielle Pafunda's Iatrogenic is that rare book for which we can never be ready. It is a fat valise of incendiary poems. Where has it come from? How should I know? Perhaps Lady Pafunda wrested this language from the birds. In any case, she has infected me and recruited me with her "thick sting of pleasure." There is nothing extinct about her.
--Rachel Zucker

Somewhere between Sylvia Plath's ice-box babies and Joseph Beuys's mammalian trinkets, Danielle Pafunda's gothic sci-fi tale stutters, twitches and contorts its body-turned-collection-of-souvenirs-from-an-awkward-year. The tourniquet is confused with the leg, not so much to subvert the distinction between the natural and unnatural as to present a world where the decoy is more than real. --Johannes Göransson