Hannah Ensor writes long enough poems that you have to keep reading and ones so good I want to keep reading.

-Eileen Myles

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Bold, raw, acrobatic—stories pickled in wit and longing. Rachel Haley Himmelheber is a ventriloquist, throwing her voice and summoning forth an unforgettable parade of sluts, cads, degenerates and lost souls of every stripe. These storiesare simply ravaging.

Claire Vaye Watkins

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In Beast Meridian, Vanessa Angélica Villarreal braids searing lyricism and intimate narratives into utterances and patterns that radicalize the heart and the eye.

Eduardo C. Corral

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UNMANNED is a beautiful, poetic, whimsical romp, ransacking the genres of apocalyptic fiction, spaghetti western, space opera, and all the while it is a deeply and sincerely felt prayer for salvation.

Kazim Ali




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Tupelo Quarterly reviews I Was Not Born

When art and pain collide, a perfectly complicated and beautiful book sometimes emerges. Such is Julia Cohen’s I WAS NOT BORN, her third and latest work. It is a lifetime achievement and commingles poetry, transcripts of therapy sessions, letters, meditations, and...

Review of Between Grammars at Entropy

Vogel describes her early experiences of reading and writing as “a bridging between [her] voice and [her] body,” as a kind of communion. “Language slowed the world for me,” she recalls, “it gave me a sense of tactility, a skin to encase my thinking.” Vogel’s visceral...