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2016 Titles

11 books
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Ford Over
by John Pluecker

by Steven Karl

Little House, Big House (Now How I Am An American)
by Liz Waldner

You Da One
by Jennifer Tamayo

Lost Privilege Company
by Blunt Research Group

The Art of Work
Jennifer Fitzgerald

You Ask Me To Talk About The Interior
by Carolina Ebeid

Bone Confetti
by Muriel Leung

Uncountry: A Mythology
by Yanara Friedland

Selected Works
by Jose Antonio Ramos Sucre
translated by Guillermo Parra

Still Nowhere
by Roberto Tejada

2015 Titles

10 books
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The Ghost In Us Was Multiplying
by Brent Armendinger

by Roberto Harrison

The Refusal of Suitors
by Ryo Yamaguchi

Between Grammars
by Danielle Vogel

Her 37th Year, An Index
by Suzanne Scanlon

The Locust Diagrams
by Nathan Parker

The Reveal
by Chloe Garcia Roberts

Deep City
by Megan Kaminski

Objects of Attention
by Aichlee Bushnell

Beasts You’ll Never See
by Nate Liederbach

Mess & Mess &
by Douglas Kearney