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Notes From the Committee

by Catherine Kasper



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About the Author

Catherine Kasper is the author of Notes from the Committee (Noemi Press, 2010), Field Stone (Winnow Press, 2005), A Gradual Disappearance of Insects (Pecan Grove Press, 2005), and Optical Projections (Obscure Publications, 2004). She is an associate professor at the University of Texas in San Antonio and a co-editor of American Letters & Commentary.

Notes from the Committee
Out of stock


Notes from the Committee offers a mental movement through a cityscape as a kind of revelation of a lifestyle. Offering a world at once very unlike and all too much like our own, a city hovering very much on the edge of itself, these putative notes lull one along into some very odd spaces. There are traces of Schulz’s Street of Crocodiles here, Borges’s Tlon, and Coover’s The Grand Hotels of Joseph Cornell, but these crisscrossing influences add up to a wholly unique and original work.

Brian Evenson