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The Locust Diagrams

by Nathan Parker



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About the Author

Born in Minnesota and raised in New York and Ohio, Nathan Parker now lives with his wife and three children in Alabama, where in 2004 he received an MFA from the University of Alabama. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, including American Letters & CommentaryAmerican PoetColorado ReviewConduitCortland ReviewDIAGRAMFIELDLaurel ReviewOctopus, and Quarterly West. He has been a finalist for the Fence Modern Poets Series, the Sawtooth Poetry Prize, and the Agnes Starrett Lynch Prize from the University of Pittsburgh Press. He was recently featured in American Poet for their Emerging Poets Series.

The Locust Diagrams
Out of stock


Nathan Parker’s lyrics are paradoxically formed—elegant as DNA, laddery things but with holes in their middle. Perhaps they represent a strand of information that is pulling together or puling apart. His painterly line describes a landscape where money is gone but love is present, and love itself is also a mysterious element pulling together and pushing away– love for humans, love for God, love from God, strangest yet. A space so close it doesn’t have a name, even ‘Here’ is an overstatement, maybe these holes in the brief lines are the only way to point to it. Like the Song of Songs cassette-taped over the Psalms, a graceful maybe in a time of No.

Joyelle McSweeney