The borderless energies Akrilica released flared across all the Americas, embroiled as they remain in the aftershocks of the U.S. wars in Centroamerica and U.S. money and U.S. guns in Mexico and beyond. Finally, one of the best of JFH’s secret classics is available in this expertly re-tooled version!

 Sesshu Foster



“Jasminne Mendez refocuses, re-electrifies and finally defines [documentary poetics] with this strikingly inventive exploration of how trauma scissors through borders, numbs families, feeds on the purple specter of violence and relentlessly forages for root in the body.”

–Patricia Smith

Casey Rocheteau’s Gorgoneion is a thousand-headed beauty lithely slithering from the past, present, and future as it examines the nature and pervasiveness of empire.

Tommye Blount



At once a poetry collection and portal into whole universes of artistic traditions & collectives, PLACE gifts us a poetics of organizing our world so desperately needs.

–George Abraham


marcus scott williams’s damn near might still be is what it is is LIT lit, a mono-travel-journal-ogue crisscrossing the US and Europe, by a brilliant Black writer capable of remaking everyday language—and everything he sees, dreams, lives—into something fresh and new.

— John Keene