Part honest autobiography and part lyrical ode to the complex California landscape, this book is an entrancing invitation.

Ada Limón

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Colby’s ambitious, labyrinthine, and wildly intimate eighth book takes this measure, fractally, propositionally, as if from within a hall of purportedly false mirrors that are still the only accessible mirrors on earth.

Anna Moschovakis

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Hannah Ensor writes long enough poems that you have to keep reading and ones so good I want to keep reading.

-Eileen Myles

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UNMANNED is a beautiful, poetic, whimsical romp, ransacking the genres of apocalyptic fiction, spaghetti western, space opera, and all the while it is a deeply and sincerely felt prayer for salvation.

Kazim Ali

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2017 Winners of the Noemi Press Book Award for Prose

The editors of Noemi Press are excited to announce the winners and finalists for the 2017 Noemi Press Award in Prose. Winner: The Itch by Kate Colby Finalists Lyrebird by Meredith Clark Fluid States by Heidi Czerwiec Beast Grief by Marie Conlan Echo Park by Ryan Ridge...