Equal parts anthology, workbook, essay, collage, archive, and lyric, Briante’s living document sets the poet’s work of witness in the midst of our current entangled crises of borders, belonging, trauma, nationhood, empathy, and imagination.

 Claudia Rankine



Escobar further captures the schizophrenic nature of existing in the liminal space where anything is acceptable from extreme ecstasy to abuses of power. Here is one of our most vital new voices in Latinx Avant-Garde literature.

Natalie Scenters-Zapico




“There are only two genders: depressed and correct”—so declares this astonishing, often funny, politically bold, and very moving book about movement, much of it on the titular bus.

–Chen Chen


In her formally evocative, gorgeously baroque poems, these gentlewomen  are bountiful, powerful, and tender, both exceeding man’s hubris and moored in the wreck it has wrought.

Evie Shockley


The human struggle lays itself bare as the speaker in Nicholas Wong’s extraordinary collection, Besiege Me, reveals. The body is a site of longing, love, wounds, and powerful intimacy. 

Tina Chang