Reader, Natality is a rarity in contemorary American poetry — an epic poem. Asher reminds us language is a nexus unmoored from time, bristling with endless possibilities.    Eduardo C. Corral

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Lopez’s poems are “a walking coagulant,” a “One angel wheelbarrowed inflation,” and a “Global Positioning System.” The only way to release the laughter is to read Lopez’s testimonies, as necessary as the poisonous air that we have to breathe. — John Yau

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In Beast Meridian, Vanessa Angélica Villarreal braids searing lyricism and intimate narratives into utterances and patterns that radicalize the heart and the eye. —Eduardo C. Corral

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Rain Taxi review of Boxing the Compass

Sandy Florian’s Boxing the Compass defies categorization, subverts genre, and reframes our ideas of what story and language can do—all the while remaining intensely readable. In fact, upon “finishing” the book, this reader had to read it again. Perhaps a reader...

Cleaver Magazine reviews Change Machine

J. G. McClure reviewed Bruce Covey's Change Machine for Cleaver Magazine: Think about the change machine outside your car wash: you put in a dollar, the machine spits out coins. Not a neat bundle, but a jangling tray-full. Now think of William Carlos Williams: “A poem...